Green Porno

Posted by knobbygirl

"Why would she do something like that?"

That's what my husband asked me after I forced him to watch Green Porno. My response was "Why wouldn't she?" If someone asked me to dress up in spandex, wear a bug mask and hump a cardboard cut-out of a bumblebee, I would be all like, "Where do I sign up?"


Meet the Feebles

Posted by knobbygirl

I am from the 'Muppet Show' era. My favorite episode was the one with Liza Minnelli. In it, she and that big ugly monster (that I can never remember the name of) did a musical number to Copacabana. Imagine Liza Minnelli naked on rollerskates, smoking crack while the big ugly monster sells acid to schoolchildren in the Copacabana and that is the same general impression that you will get while watching 'Meet the Feebles.'