Thor: Ragnarok

Posted by knobbygirl

We originally saw Ragnarok months and months ago, while it was still in the theater. It was a hilarious and amazing film, so I don't know why it took me so long to put together a review. Maybe it's the gushing - I feel uncomfortable gushing - it's so much more fun writing about a stinker. Ragnarok is definitely no stinker. But then I saw the deleted scene that was released this week in anticipation of the DVD release.


Getting Schooled

Posted by knobbygirl

The Breakfast Club meets Apocalypse Now - how's that for a fucking amazing tagline?

The people who brought us The Haunted Trailer were back at Frightmare with another locally made horror film. I was tentatively afraid that Getting Schooled would be a rehash of Haunted Trailer, but it was totally different in tone and content. Lucky Chucky is no one-trick pony. Yes, it's horror and yes, it's funny...but there wasn't a single fart joke in the whole film. Not even a church house squeaker.


The Lego Movie

Posted by knobbygirl

Everything is awesome!

Actually...the only thing about The Lego Movie that's not awesome is the song, "Everything is Awesome" - because that song has been stuck in my head for weeks on end. It's the only thing I hear. Maybe I shouldn't have switched my ringtone from "What Does the Fox Say?" to "Everything is Awesome"? Maybe it's my own fucking fault?