Saw II

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Any film that involves the psychological torture of a member of New Kids on the Block is ACES in my book. Add to that the fact that one of the little bitches from 7th Heaven is being slowly poisoned and coughing up blood...you've got a horror film guaranteed to satisfy.


Death to the Supermodels

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While I appreciate the idea of supermodels having toxic booty gas, nappy underarm hair and hidden penises, it's just not enough to base a movie on.

The world's five top supermodels travel to a remote tropical island for a photo shoot, where they get picked off by a serial killer. Is it the annoyingly perky magazine editor? Is it one of the Siegfried and Roy-esque fashion photographers? Or could it be one of the remaining models, secretly harboring a hidden agenda?


2001 Maniacs

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The South shall rise again. Preferably with a taste for human flesh.

Robert Englund stars in this remake of Two Thousand Maniacs! - H. G. Lewis' classic tale of Confederate Cannibalism. The story is essentially the same - Brigadoon plus Blood Feast. Eight Northerners get lost on their way to Spring Break and opt to join a Civil War Anniversary Celebration. It doesn't take much more than the promise of dirty barnyard sex and free moonshine to get kids to forget all about Spring Break, does it?



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Now that Saw III is in the theater, I figure I might as well watch the first one.

Number one reason to watch Saw - Cary Elwes. I used to have such a crush on him in Junior High/High School. He was Westley, for chrissakes! I watched Hot Shots! and Robin Hood: Men in Tights in the theater, just to see him. He was even hot in recent movies, like Shadow of the Vampire...but now his age seems to have caught up with him and he's got that middle age bloated thing going on. I don't care, he's still kind of hot. At least he's not gross like Val Kilmer.


Adam & Evil

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It took me half the movie to even figure out which one was Adam.

Adam was the one harboring a major guilt trip over the fact that 4 years ago, he and a friend set a house on fire with fireworks, killing the family inside. His friend doesn't really give a shit, but he's pretty broken up about it and has flashbacks about it.


Ghoulies II

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Although I rented Ghoulies II shortly after it came out on video, absolutely the only thing I remember about it was the scene in which a guy sits down on the john and a Ghoulie pops out and presumably munches on his dangling genitalia.

Almost 20 years later, that's still the only thing memorable about this movie.