Employee of the Month

Posted by knobbygirl

About midway through my recent maternity leave, I had watched so many films that required my full attention that I just started DVRing things that didn't require a full set of brain cells (or a full night of sleep) to digest. Employee of the Month was one of them.


Say Anything...

Posted by knobbygirl

How did I make it out of the 80s without seeing Say Anything...?

You'd think I grew up in a box or something. There are a lot of important movies I just haven't seen. As you can probably tell, I'm making a valiant attempt to catch up. Say Anything... occupies a revered place in pop culture. The boom box scene has been spoofed innumerable times. Some friends of mine even used "In Your Eyes" as their wedding song. Kinda cheesy, but still kind of cute. I guess I can't talk, since I used a popular song from a film made at about the same time for mine.