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The latest movie that my children have become addicted to...may well turn them into potheads.

The Luna Ghost looks like the Graffix logo. The scene with smoke coming out of the Mystery Machine (a slow reveal shows sausage cooking), 'Pass the Dutchie' playing in the background. Shaggy saying that he stays away from hydroponics. Shaggy tells Mary Jane that 'Mary Jane' is his favorite name. They're ALWAYS hungry...I could go on and on...


Pineapple Express

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"I just don't think this kind of shit is as funny as you do..." Oh really? Why are you laughing your ass off, then?

My husband did have a point - this is exactly the kind of shit that I think is funny. Friday, Half Baked, Super Troopers, Jay & Silent Bob...all rate rather highly with me. True, I am a long way past my Pineapple Express days (There's a time and place for everything children and that's COLLEGE), but I can still appreciate the humor inherent in Stoner Movies.


Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

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In honor of 4/20, I present to you a film worthy of being watched on 4/20...

In my review of Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, I complain about it being a stoner comedy that is probably only funny when stoned. Some stoner comedies, however, are hilarious no matter what. Harold and Kumar are still funny, no matter what state of consciousness you are in. (They're not as funny escaping from Guantanamo Bay as they are going to White Castle, but still pretty fucking funny nonetheless.)


Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

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Not a film for the stone cold sober...

One of the last films I watched during my maternity leave film festival, I was largely unamused by Tenacious D's big screen debut. Sitting on the couch in the middle of the day, with an infant steadfastly attached to your nipple, is not the way to enjoy Jack Black's special brand of mayhem and music. The Pick of Destiny is like Half Baked or The Wall or PCU or Friday or any of the great stoner classics - you need bongs and beer and whippets and pipes and ice cream and joints to get through it.


Revenge of the Nerds

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I have to watch Revenge of the Nerds every single time it comes on TV. Obsession? Compulsion? Attraction? All of the above?

I have been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to decide which nerd I love the most - and I can't do it. I love them all - from Lewis' annoying laugh to Booger's boogers to Lamar's limp little wrists.


Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

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I didn't think that I would ever see a more incongruous act than Doogie Howser, M.D. doing a fatality on an evil henchman, but I'd have to say that Doogie Howser snorting coke off a girl's bum, while hanging out of the sun roof of a moving car, takes the cake.

Far be it from me to define a movie by its cameos, but there you have it. A movie's hilarity may well be directly proportional to the outrageousness of said movie's cameo by Neil Patrick Harris. I think I'll call it the Doogie Theorem.


Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood

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The Leprechaun is back, and boy - is he stoned!

In the sixth installment of the Leprechaun series, Warwick Davis returns as our favorite nasty leprechaun after something a bit more valuable than his Lucky Charms. This time, his gold has fallen into the hands of Emily and Lisa, two poor hoodrats struggling to make ends meet. They share it with their stoner friend Jaime and Emily's ex-boyfriend-turned-drug-dealer, Rory. Of course, they spend the gold on bling-bling, cadillacs and a big houseparty. Only there's an uninvited guest at the party...


Super Troopers

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I left some blood in my seat after this one!

Okay, that probably sounded pretty gross. What I meant to say, was that the film was so funny that I peed, that was worse. Forget about it.

I bought this DVD several months ago, along with Kung Pow, which I still haven't had a chance to watch. Erin has been bugging me to watch it, so since she was in town for New Years, we finally got a chance to sit down and watch it last night. I can't believe I had been depriving myself of the simple joy of Super Troopers for so long!