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Wonder Woman

Posted by knobbygirl

I wanted to hate Wonder Woman. Everyone has unanimously loved this movie, so that ugly little bit of 20-something year old, still deep down inside of ME wanted to find something to hate about this movie. To be contrary, to be different...I couldn't do it. Wonder Woman is every bit as thrilling and enjoyable as the general public says it is. And I'm okay with that. It took me 40+ years, but I have found peace in agreeing with the rest of the planet. I can't even be mad about it - I've loved Wonder Woman for so, so long.


Suicide Squad

Posted by knobbygirl

Since Suicide Squad debuted on HBO this past Saturday, so we had a family movie night and watched the whole thing while eating Marie Callender pot pies. Jealous?

Now my daughter wants us to dress up as the Suicide Squad for Halloween...and she wants to be Enchantress. I'm only saying no because that would mean that I would have to be Harley Quinn, and we saw enough fatties dressed as slutty clowns last Halloween.


Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice

Posted by knobbygirl

As the opening credits rolled, I couldn't stop laughing. Maggie and Negan as Bruce Wayne's parents was so stinking cute! My husband just rolled his eyes...he doesn't watch The Walking Dead.

I was a bit worried that not seeing Man of Steel would be a problem as I sat down to watch Batman v Superman, but it actually kind of helped. The film starts off with the events of Man of Steel from Bruce Wayne's point of view. "I don't care if you saved the whole goddamn planet, Superman - you knocked down my fucking building!"