The Haunted Trailer

Posted by knobbygirl

Not enough farts. Definitely needed more farts.

Just kidding, there were plenty of farts in The Haunted Trailer - farts in practically every scene. I love farts. My best friend also loves farts. (When we get together with some Burger King Onion out!) My eight year old son loves farts, probably because he is eight years old, but also because he is my son. Really, who DOESN'T love farts? If you say you don't love farts, you're LYING. Farts make the world go around.


Texas Frightmare Massacre

Posted by knobbygirl

How does Parrish Randall know what dog vagina tastes like?

I guess there are just some questions that I'll never know the answer to...although, I bet I could ask my 3 year old, because she won't stop letting the dog lick her open mouth, no matter how much I scream at her. I guess I could try screaming at the dog, I don't know what is more futile - screaming at a three year old human or a three year old dog.