The Wizard of Oz (3D)

Posted by knobbygirl

Never before have I written a second review of a film. Not so much out of pride or any kind of belief that my reviews exist as the "final word" on the worth of a film...it's more because I'm kind of lazy. (Or quite possibly...really fucking lazy.) The 3D re-release of The Wizard of Oz deserves a second review...not only because my original review was written 15 years ago, but because it truly is like watching a completely new film.


Return to Oz

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There are few things scarier to a child than forced medical procedures - anything that requires being strapped down is bad, bad news. Even before I was aware of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, I knew that shock therapy was fucked up.

Far scarier than anything that happened in Oz, Auntie Em dropping Dorothy off at the asylum to get her brains scrambled FUCKED MY SHIT UP. Nevermind the fact that Auntie Em was played by Carrie's fucked up mom.


Wild at Heart

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One of most romantic films ever.

It was on The Independent Film Channel the other night, and whenever it's on TV, I just can't resist watching it, even though I have it on tape. Like most films by David Lynch, Wild at Heart affects me so emotionally, that I almost cry. Cry like most women cry at the end of Beaches...which is not me at all.


The Wizard of Oz

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Absolutely, positively, undeniably my favorite film ever. No other film comes even close. Screw all those people that think Star Wars is the best film ever made. There would be no Star Wars if it wasn't for The Wizard of Oz. (After that statement, I guess I should expect to get hate e-mail...)