Book Adaptation



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I feel like the world needs a John Cusack/Samuel L. Jackson buddy/road trip movie right now. Now, more than ever, we need the joy that those two can bring us. ("I want these motherfucking snakes out of my motherfucking earnest romantic comedy!" or something to that effect?)


Hannibal Rising

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The only thing more gag inducing than sitting down to watch a movie that you know includes cannibalism is seeing 'The Weinstein Company' as the first slide in the opening credits.


The Wizard of Oz (3D)

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Never before have I written a second review of a film. Not so much out of pride or any kind of belief that my reviews exist as the "final word" on the worth of a's more because I'm kind of lazy. (Or quite possibly...really fucking lazy.) The 3D re-release of The Wizard of Oz deserves a second review...not only because my original review was written 15 years ago, but because it truly is like watching a completely new film.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Posted by Logan

The hobit was a 5 star production. It was a kind of scary movie. But I loved it. I think you should go see it. Now don't get me wrong but the hobit is 60 years before Lord of the Rings. There are 3 wizards and their names are Sayramon, Gandalf and Rajagast. There are also 2 wizards that aren't in the movie that are blue. I don't know their names.


The Midnight Meat Train

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I DVRed this film based on the title alone. I figured that since it wasn't on Skinemax - it wasn't soft core porn, but since it was on SyFy, I was risking missing some gore. I shouldn't have worried...there was a considerable amount of gore left in the film.


Return to Oz

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There are few things scarier to a child than forced medical procedures - anything that requires being strapped down is bad, bad news. Even before I was aware of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, I knew that shock therapy was fucked up.

Far scarier than anything that happened in Oz, Auntie Em dropping Dorothy off at the asylum to get her brains scrambled FUCKED MY SHIT UP. Nevermind the fact that Auntie Em was played by Carrie's fucked up mom.