Assless Chaps


Gimme an 'F'

Posted by knobbygirl

Is "retardedest" a word? If so, that is the word that I would use to describe Gimme an F.

Gimme an 'F' is so named because every time a couple is about to fornicate, one of them is duty bound to say, "Gimme an F!" While funny the first time, it loses its edge with each repetition. Ironically, none of the cheers contain the verbiage "Gimme an F" - not even those of the Fudge High Falcons. That's right - Fudge High. Insert 'packing' joke here.


The Road Warrior

Posted by knobbygirl

Hooray for assless chaps!

Of course I know that by definition, ALL chaps are assless - it's just more fun to be redundant and point out that indeed, these chaps are assless. Really, everyone should own a pair of assless chaps like Wez. Wez was the best character in the whole movie. I was really disappointed that he didn't win in the end. He was definitely more likable than Mad Max and he also had motivation. That Feral Kid killed his hot blond boyfriend! What motivation did Max have? So his family was killed - and he got vengeance! He doesn't need to take it out on poor Wez.