Ghost Shark

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When a Ghost Shark eats you, where do you go?

I don't mean metaphysically, as in what happens when you die. I mean literally - where do the parts of you that the Ghost Shark swallowed go? Are they instantaneously dissolved by Ghost Shark's ectoplasm? Or are they digested more slowly, like a regular shark would? These are the type of questions that keep me awake at night.



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So we're trying to get back in the habit of exposing our children to the stuff we liked as kids, instead of either letting them choose (which means hours of Spongebob and iCarly reruns or Toy Story 3) or forcing them to watch what we're watching (usually Hoarders, inappropriate sitcoms or Hockey). Since both our kids have been watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory obsessively, my husband took the initiative to sit them down and watch Beetlejuice. I was so proud of him, I could shit.


Thir13en Ghosts

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I got tricked into watching it.

Okay, not tricked exactly. My husband waited until I wasn't paying attention - peeling potatoes - and he changed the channel. By the time I was too late, the movie had begun...then he admitted that he tricked me. He knew that I would have said no if he had asked me. Fucker.



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Scared the crap out of me....when I was 7.

I think I had a very valid reason to be scared of this when I first saw it. First off, there was a cemetery on the end of the road I grew up on. It was possible, in my very young mind, that that cemetery had previously existed on the end of the street that I lived on. In addition to that, my neighbors were currently digging a pool in their backyard. To top it all off, it was raining. Spooky circumstances, indeed!