Leprechaun: Origins

Posted by knobbygirl

I should've turned off the TV when the first thing on the screen was "WWE Studios."

...but I didn't. I dutifully sat there, waiting for a single redeeming moment in this film, but all I was left with were questions.

1. I thought this was supposed to be related to the original Leprechaun series? As far as I can tell, there is no connection to original seies, other than the concept of a "killer leprechaun." I am guessing that it is intended as a complete reboot, with no mention of the original?


Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood

Posted by knobbygirl

The Leprechaun is back, and boy - is he stoned!

In the sixth installment of the Leprechaun series, Warwick Davis returns as our favorite nasty leprechaun after something a bit more valuable than his Lucky Charms. This time, his gold has fallen into the hands of Emily and Lisa, two poor hoodrats struggling to make ends meet. They share it with their stoner friend Jaime and Emily's ex-boyfriend-turned-drug-dealer, Rory. Of course, they spend the gold on bling-bling, cadillacs and a big houseparty. Only there's an uninvited guest at the party...


Leprechaun 3

Posted by knobbygirl

Viva Las Leprechaun!

This is by far the best of the Leprechaun saga. It gives new meaning to the term 'fear and loathing in Las Vegas.' The Leprechaun is free to walk down the streets of Las Vegas and there are so many weirdos there that no one notices him. Imagine the Leprechaun doing a killer Elvis impersonation, hips gyrating like...like...something that really gyrates.