Mondo Trasho

John Waters
John Waters
John Waters
Mink Stole
Mary Vivian Pearce
David Lochary
Bob Skidmore
Three BOBs

Hmmm...I can't decide if it sucked or I loved it...

Reminds me of the dumb crap we made when we were in college, so maybe that means I liked it...and I thought Orpheus in Hollywood was hard to understand...

What I did like was the idea of a story told aurally through an edited music track. I can't even begin to count all the works incorporated into the soundtrack, but the seasoned Waters fan will recognize songs that show up in later films, such as Multiple Maniacs, Pink Flamingos, Hairspray and fact, most of the Pink Flamingos soundtrack was included, as was a lot of stuff from Hairspray. There were also great instrumentals that would later show up in Pulp Fiction and Desperado...John Waters used Link Wray's Jack the Ripper way before Rodriguez...John Waters was opening up with rockin' surf music while they were still shittin' their drawers! (But what the fuck was up with the Chicken Executioner? He never came up again, but it was a hell of a way to open up a film...)

Mink Stole's topless tap dance was probably my favorite part. I happened to watch The Accused a few hours after watching this...Mink's gang rape was much more entertaining than Jodie Foster's...Why don't you visit the great MINK?

Mondo Trasho is definitely not for the beginning Waters fan, and difficult even for the seasoned vet...I recommend it, nonetheless.

"Oh Mary! Oh Holy Trinity! Oh God! It isn't easy being Divine!" - Divine